What they say...

What they say...

"I seem to have been so busy lapping up the acknowledgment and praise that have been showered recently, rather uncharitably, and omitted to place on record my appreciation of your crucial contribution to this achievement. This omission was made to appear even more glaring when the leading newspaper described your work thus; As a thing of beauty, it steals your heart."

- Chairman, Alacrity Foundation

"I would like to place on record the appreciation for the good work done by your team in Creating futuristic and complex concepts for our technical communication."

- Head Marketing – Airtel

Our recent campaign was a tremendous success in all respects. It proved to be a morale booster and an eye opener to our dealers. We are also happy to point out that following this campaign, our sales have increased considerably.

- AVP, Amco Yuvasa Batteries

Salagdo, Anderson and Takewing have worked on numerous projects together. "Takewing has given us professional support and has always given that little extra touch. This in turn has produced excellent work for our satisfied clients. Takewing has always met our objectives in a timely manner.

- Director, Salgado, Anderson & Associates, Canada

Congratulations to you and your team for quickly turning around the good ad.

- Regional Head, Coca-Cola

The work done by your company is excellent and has been appreciated throughout the world
by our customers.

- Managing Director, Rehin-nadel, Germany

One way to give a sugar coating to a what could be a better pill is to try and communicate your message in a creative and convincing way, The Hindu's rate card attempts to do precisely that. A competent job by Takewing.

- 'Advalue' column, The Indian Express

What they say...