Who are we?

It is such an existential question... How can we possibly answer it simply?

After all does anyone really know who they are? Yeah, sure, we can give names. But names are just mere handles, useful to differentiate your tweet from your dad's...Plus , names keep changing in a changing world...

Ad Agency. Creative hot shop. Idea hunters. Design dreamers. Thought movers, Content creators. Identity seekers. Brand builders .Tech devotees. Miracle merchants. Award winners. People watchers. Intent inventors. Late risers. Artists of aspiration. Tea tasters…

Yes! Perhaps that's who we are...

Tea? Apart from the copious amounts of the stuff we glug down in
the office, we have nothing to do with tea.

Anyway, when was the last time you met a tea taster? They are a
rare breed, right? You don't see them graduating out of colleges by
the bus loads. There is a reason for that – not everyone can do it. In
fact, most people can't.

It doesn't just require years of training and experience, but a highly
sensitive palate to be a tea taster. A refinement of senses. An ability
to discern fine nuances that most people just can't taste.

To put it simply, it's the art of being fussy.

And that is something we are very, very good at.

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