What we did for Coke

The year was 2000 and it dawned on Coke that South India is more like a different country than just another part of the same country. Everything, including the language, lifestyle, belief systems, is different in the south. Mere translations of ads worked only to an extent.

So after considering a few 'local agencies' they tied up with us for 4 years though their lead ad agency had branches in the south.

We carried out detailed qualitative research in various parts of TN looking for the 'local connect' that would make people accept a new brand as their own. The city dwellers were aware of the brand but didn't have an emotional connect with it. However the mass market was up-country.

Takewing produced the FIRST ever local language TV commercial for a Coke brand. For Fanta we used a fortune teller typical to TN called 'Gudugudupandi'. The sales went through the roof. Madurai became their number one Fanta market in the country.
TV Commercial Ad for FantaVideo Ad for Fanta
(Click to watch the Fanta TVC)

Similarly for Sprite we decided to use a combination of English and Tamil. The line said "No Reel. No Bandha".

We used look-alikes of various popular South Indian stars like Sivaji, Prabudeva, etc to present ridiculous offers. This was a spoof on the 'offers' ad by '7 up' that was running at the time.

Apart from getting in the front pages of the papers, the brand established itself as a local 'smart drink'.
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The biggest work we did for Coke was to find the 'local connect' for Coke itself. After hundreds of Vox pops and various options, we suggested that Coke be associated with 'Gana' – a local and rustic equivalent of rap. It took some time for them to agree but when it was finally done with actor Vijay along with a lot of BTL activities, it became a huge hit.

Coca ColaCoca ColaCoca Cola

(Click to watch the Coke TVC).

We were congratulated by Coco-Cola on many an occasion including a press release by them for the contribution we made towards the 'local connect' for Coke.