How we helped an elephant run faster than the rest

This is one of our oldest and much loved clients. This plywood brand had the impossible name of 'Sharon'. Impossible from the viewpoint of illiterate carpenters whose opinion mattered. We had to make it easy for them to ask for this brand. So we devised an 'elephant' logo so that carpenters can ask for 'elephant' plywood. The obvious association of strength hit home. The colour scheme was changed to yellow and green and the client painted it on every wall that was available.

We had to associate Sharon with elephant and strength. We made a film where a truck actually went over a plywood sheet on a broken bridge without any special effects. An elephant followed the truck. The film was believable because it was true. It was a big hit.

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Sharon became the undisputed leader in South India. We had several campaigns for Sharon. Notable amongst them were: